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check back with us, we are excited to start growing again! we hope to start offering spring 2017! but first we want to be sure the "horse apartments" and arena are in tip top shape! we will offer weekly rate for traveling through, or monthly. pay ahead 6 month or 1 year and get special offers. we will have limited space so we will take applications to be sure you fit in with our goals! we will require neg. coggins tests, and vaccinations/health certificate from vet. we will keep horses on reg. supplement and deworming program. we will offer full board (great if you are only able to come once in awhile or horse needs special attention. or as simple as for those just needing somewhere to keep their horse so they can take lessons, be in training and be involved with other riders.

we will have an outdoor arena and round pen, will be perfect for lessons, clinics and birthday parties. we would love for you to contact us if you are interested in these services and get in contact with you as soon as we can have available! our goal is to have a community feeling in our barn, beginners and experienced from all different disciplines join together to enjoy their love of equine. we will strive to provide a safe, no drama environment. the best but yet affordable. we hope to have stable days with mini fun shows. we love what we do and want to share that knowledge and love of horses! 

currently we are only offering board for horses in training or used for lessons or "horse hotel"

1 month

golden filly - full care board stall & pasture (you provide special grain, we feed safe choice) great if you can not come often(only for a weekly lesson etc), or have to be out of town (special needs such as daily bandaging, grooming etc may add fees) $400

black beauty level- stalled/run in in bad weather, daily grain and hay/pasture $200

pasture pet -$150 per 30 days pasture/grass or hay and fresh water. Up to 3lbs of grain a day. Run in shelter.

horse hotel - weekly,  great for traveling horse owners or when horse requires special attention for short time! $200 7 days, full care (any special feed/meds must be provided) hand walk, roundpenning or ridding can be provided


   Country Picasso

*Picasso has been sold to a farm that can better utilize his talents as a stud, we have his son (out of http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/mccally+creek+cowgirl ) should be the allaround horse of your dreams! we are not sure if we will stud him out or not yet* may consider selling to the right person he is only reg. apha (not pinto)

Secretariats legend aka ZEUS (

 Country Picasso is a 2002 APHA / PtHA tobiano stud,

looking for a barrel stud? halter/performance? good mannered trail horse?

 he is the grandson of secretariat (triple crown winner, unmatched racing records,horse of the year and a great sire!),

Q-ton mark,going back to Q ton Eagle, a paint foundation line, halter,performance,racing

pee dee pond.going back to wimpy,poco bueno & peppy

 own son of country side and amie lee

he, him self is producing great looking horses, all colored!

will start booking 04/2012, limited bookings, multi mare/performance mare discount. live cover only at timebeing.

he is vaccinated. tested neg. for herda, coggins and doesn't throw lethal whites.

Picasso has a great temperment, you'd never know he was a stud out ridding! his sire and is grand sire also had this same great personality.


STUD FEE: $500 ( Subject to increase with performance record)

Book by January 1st 2013 (for anytime) $300 per mare

mare care $10 day

all mares need vet check that they are ready for breeding and not sick, neg. coggins, no back shoes, lead and tie, and stay in electric fence. any vet bill aquired during stay will be charged to owner, mare can stay min. 3 days during her heat  or boarded until she checks in foal(mare care will be $7 a day if over 10 days)

he was born and originally stood at diamond j farms in texas, see their website for his current offspring!


PT filly, -2 weeks, Out of Golden ScoterPT colt, Out of Golden ScoterPT colt, -2 months, Out of Golden Scoterthe first pictured is Bev Doolittle listed at $8000! the palomino is DLF Secretariats Gold, currently standing at stud at double l farm speed horses. the last is Remington Legacy, aint he cute!


. may consider lease(you pay for feed, vet, training and in trade you can lease him and breed a certain amount mares) to someone willing to train for barrels/rodeo,


Country Picasso is a heterozygous Tobiano Paint, he also carries the Sabino gene. When bred to regular solid mare (can have face and leg markings), there will always be a 50% chance of a spotted Paint foal. When bred to a colored Paint mare, there will be 75% chance of Colored/spotted Paint foal. If the mare is Homozygous for the Tobiano gene she will produce 100% colored foals regardless what stallion she is bred.

He is registered the Paint Assoc ( http://my.apha.com/ ). You can register all foals from Paint, QH, and Thoroughbred mares. If they have spots, they will get "Regular Registry" papers, if solid, it will be registered as Paint-Bred (formerly referred to as Breeding Stock).

His Pinto registration ( http://www.pinto.org ) is very beneficial to him, especially since he is a Grandson of Secretariat. You will find interest in him from across many breeds and disciplines.
You can register any of his foals (both spotted or solid) with a mare registered with one of the breeds below:
  • Accepted horse outcross breeds by type are:
    Stock/Hunter Types
    • American Bashkir Curly Horse Registry
    • American Buckskin Registry Association
    • American Paint Horse Association
    • American Quarter Horse Association
    • American Warmblood Society
    • Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association
    • Hanoverian
    • Holsteiner
    • Hungarian Warmblood
    • International Buckskin Horse Association
    • International Curly Horse Association
    • Jockey Club [Thoroughbred]
    • North American Spotted Haflinger
    • Oldenburg
    • Oldenburg of America
    • Trakhener
    • United States Trotting Association [Standardbred]
    • Westphalian
    Pleasure/Saddle Types
    • American Hackney Horse Society
    • American Morgan Horse Registry
    • American Saddlebred Horse Association
    • American Saddlebred Horse Association of Canada
    • Arabian Horse Registry
    • Canadian Arabian Horse Registry
    • Dutch Harness
    • Half Arabian Horse Registration
    • International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association
    • Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association
    • National Show Horse Registry
    • Paso Fino
    • Pleasure Saddle Horse Registry
    • Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association
    Accepted Utility horse outcross breeds are:
    Gypsy and Drum Types
    • American Drum Horse Association
    • Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association
    • Gypsy Horse Association
    • Gypsy Horse Registry of America
    • Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
    • The Gypsy Cob Society (Ireland)
    • The Gypsy Cob Society (United Kingdom)
    Accepted pony outcross breeds are:
    Stock/Hunter Types
    • American Paint Pony Registry
    • American Quarter Pony Association
    • American Shetland Pony Club
    • Chinioteague Pony
    • Connemara
    • North American Spotted Haflinger
    • Welsh Pony Society of America
    • all recognized horse outcross breeds
    Pleasure/Saddle Types
    • American Hackney Horse Society
    • American Shetland Pony Club
    • Missouri Foxtrotting Pony
    Accepted miniature outcross breeders are:
    • American Miniature Horse Association
    • American Miniature Horse Registry
    • Gold Seal Miniature Horse Registry
    • International Miniature Horse Registry
    • World Class Miniature
And beyond that, if you breed him to a Non-Registered mare (or a mare of a breed not listed above) you will be able to Register All Spotted Fillies and Geldings (no intact males)