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Repurposing project-

What is that?  We take in horses you dont want or cant keep, we train them, fix problems and find them new good homes.We have the ability to haul, train and care for until sold and we know not every body has that ability without turning to droping at sale barn.

We can also do the work of advertising for you (posting on facebook, craigslist, horse sites) and emailing the buyers info and pics until they are ready to set up to see the horse. I can also show the horse. I have a small fee I charge for my time and then only if I sell I charge a commission (that way you know I want to get the most out of the horse too!)

references available and  our guarantee is if you ever have problem with a horse from us we will help! give us a call or email to answer any questions! It takes time to get to know each other and every horse is diffrent, we've had the time and built a bond in training so we may be able to help if a problem or miscommunication arises!

we also give discounted training and lesson  prices on horses from us. we can not refund your money when you decide you dont like them anymore(we are not walmart) but will offer as many pre purchase rides or lessons on specified horse as time allows for you to be sure your a good fit and also help you find a new home if it doesn't work out. each broke horse comes with a free lesson to help you get a jumpstart on understanding your new friend. we will try to match a horse to your wants/needs as best we can(however if you brag up how good a rider you are and you actually have little experience we can't help very well can we? ) sadly we can no longer haul to your place for test drive  or deliver before payments received.

We now accept all types of credit cards as payment for horses and services!


Trade ins on horses, training, boarding and lessons. we want to work with you to get you your dream horse! and hey one mans trash is another's treasure, so that old rusty tractor may be worth a new horse for you!

we will trade straight up for a similar value trade or credit you towards the purchase what the trade is worth (example-we will not trade straight across for 10 square bales on a $1000 horse but we will trade the hay(valued at $30) and remaining balance . dont see it on the list? email us info and pics on what you want to trade, we'll let you know if we'll consider. we will not negotiate over phone when you haven't even see the horse. has been a waste of time for us. also if horse ad states is not broke it will be unbroke no matter howmany times you ask unless months of training have passed but we will update ad so if it says not broke it is not broke, and would not be good for a beginner.we will no longer respond to these questions.sorry, please read ad thoroughly.

we will consider trade ins of; (not looking to buy outright unless stated)

We are GROWING and need your old kids saddles for lessons! trade for training and lessons!!

  • hay, square or round, message us what you have(type, quality, etc), location, qty, and price. very little cow quality is needed, we are looking for min.-no fescue/Johnson, we like clover, brome, orchard, alfalfa, timothy etc)
  • in working order tack(bits,bridles,pads,boots,blankets etc),
  • saddles(any.  but barrel saddles are of more value to us),

  • farrier work (will be done before horse leaves or training is done!)
  • livestock(cows,calves,sheep),We are looking to fill up our new larger farm!!
  •  trucks,tractors,farm equipt.
  •  trailers(horse,,flatbed,stock), guns,
  •  apha horses, or AQHA running bred(racing blood, sugarbars,dash for cash, secretariat, sonny dee bars, etc), we will trade horses that you dont want or cant handle or have problems but those will be traded partial only and trained and resold,
  •  payments (will be paid in full before goes home!if payment time that exceeds 30days boarding fee of $150+ month apply unless other arrangements made),
  •  have something else ? email us details we consider alll offers of items of value.

What comes with my horse?

horses over $2000 come with halter & lead, upto date vacc, neg. coggins, deworming and hoof trim/shoes. can deliver within 20 miles, charge for more miles. and 1 FREE LESSON!



Other Services---

Firewood: $200 per cord split and delivered. contact alex_chapman@ymail.com

brush hoging:

 $50 per hour/APPROX $25 AC. call for quote,  contact alex


Docs Belle Michelle 2001 AQHA

Roxy is a finished seasoned barrel horse,

she is also started for reining, shown in all 4-H events, great bombproof and surefooted trail horse! anyone can ride her. shes very responsive and knows when you want to go and when your not ready to. ive ran her consistent 3d(about 18 seconds depending on size of arena) with out consistent practice so i know she can do better. she also will walk or trot the pattern when you ask and wont even run for a off balanced nervous beginner.

never rears,bolts,bucks,or kicks! shes an experienced horse, no vices. rusty on neck reining since i run barrels 2 handed and thats how i teach the kids that ride her but she responds well to leg and seat so its easy to "cheat" neckrein. i have shown her in ranch style western pleasure and she neck reins enough for a pleasurable trail ride. shes been all over. 2001 model. good breeding going back to sugar bars 4 times! granddaughter of smokums sugar bars and great granddaughter of dry doc,also has diamond duro on papers (racehorse). champions on every line.

she would be best suited for a youth/teen or adult who wants something that can compete but is still safe and can be used for multiple events, would also be good for multiple riders, maybe dad needs a horse he can ride on the ranch, and the kids want a horse they can take to 4-H shows and barrel races.

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vENQiXMU1eE a playday july 2012, very hot so i didnt push at all , just let her do her thing.


this is a top of the line horse, i just dont have time for her.  reduced to $4800 obo

 delivery free for  30 miles(can deliver out of state!)

ridding Lessons(included in every purchase of horses over $1000 is 1 free lesson to help you get a head start on bonding with your new best friend!)

START thinking about Christmas! start payments now and get delivery with a big bow around her neck!


one of my 4-H kids at her 2nd barrel race ever

one of my 4-H girls, decided to give HUS a shot at 4-H state fair, she Never rode huntseat before entering this class! had a hour lesson morning of. they didn't place but sure made me proud! my 4-H kids in the parade! Regal is far right, middle is roxy and tori on wildfire (helps me keep my horses refreshed)roxy in WP saddle club show

Country Picasso *sold*

See stallion info, offering forsale. grandson of secretariat, own son of Country Side!! APHA & pinto. started under saddle - in training. would make a nice barrel/rodeo horse for someone with time to show him and use him to his full potential!*sold to a farm that can better utilize him :)

Hesa Regal -- 3000

Regal is a sweet boy, competed in barrels, poles, showmanship , HUS and over fences..

Currently regal is being used as a lesson horse and leadline for my 3yo. She's learned on him but he's a little big for her to handle our side of the roundpen. She did show him in showmanship at saddle club by herself. He loves attention and kids, the onlyreason he is forsale is to find a home that will spoIL him, he loves getting preps for show, daily treats and exploring trails. He deserves someone to bond with him and enjoy his talent. I'd love to see him go to a 8 to 14yr old girl that wants to show and trail ride.


  I used him in 4-H in  HUS and hunter over fences classes. i still show him locally when i have time.have 4-Hers who take lessons on and show him.A begginer rider took him to 4-H state fair    id like to see him used as he seems to enjoy it! he was a racehorse and retired without injurys. i do not have his papers but they may be avalible by entering tattoo into jockey club. he is 17yr old.and won money on the track.  about 17hh. he has placed well at loacl shows, wins most of the halter/showmanship classes we enter. and told hes a talented jumper-just needs practice(both me and him!). i have barrel raced and pole bended for fun on him and he does pretty well. he hasconsistant, easy to handle, plenty of room to push.He learns well and wants to please.

he naturally collects at canter, has a nice jog and a slow walk. he is a throughbred with some good lines, being a TB he eats alot so be prepared, he also need regular trimmings/shoeings-. this is jut a nessasary routine care that all horses need anyway. he loves baths!! he will stand without being tied or comeup when your filling the tank in the summer for a rinse down! easy to handle for a tb. never refuses to stop! good ground manners, lets you do pretty much anything to him!

videos on youtube(fyi these r a few yrs old) at playday, we took highpoint in intermediate division, his barrel run was a 22 seconds and poles a 31, it is a large arena and you can see he has plenty of room to push! (this is a channel so click on video or search " hesa regal" and then in that videos page theres a button towards top that says 4 videos, click it to see more, all tagged with hesa regal.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKx3iODNi-Q&feature=relmfu 

first pic he is rained on.

some tack avalible as well

regal is  " abe lincoln"(beard, hat and suit jacket and all!) with Dara Hensley (RIP ,Regal and the Ranch will always remember you and your brother!). she(dara) came to us wanting to get a horse and was very timid, she and regal(the biggest horse we have!) clicked right away! after 3 months of lessons she took him to state! although regal never got to go home with Dara he waited for weeks by the gate for her to come again showing how strong the bond was!  

at 4-H state fair costume contest, along with roxy behind as obama and Tori Janacek infront as washington, they placed 2nd in 30 entries!! great team work guys!!


Blue  *forsale soon*

currently in training, I plan to train her as a little playday/fun show type horse. she will be exposed to trail riding and arenas. shes a smaller horse about 14hh andnarrow build. beautiful blue roan and 1 blue eye. she does have a belly button hernia that does not affect her at all, just looks. I plan to get it removed by vet after shes had some ride time and put some weight on. she does not have papers. shes is about 2 yrs old. note this is the picture I got in ad when I got her, I don't normally tie my horses to electric meters lol





16" show/reining saddle, very cushioned seat, matching headstall and breastcollar. texas star conchos. super comfy and like new- barely used. full QH bars. $700 obo, sells with roxy for $500 (got to fit her)



Pepsi Little Ringo   SOLD

green broke black medicine hat APHA gelding, 2 blue eyes! pepsi poco on papers and ris key buisness 1 off. 14hh, will make nice youth/4-H horse once finished, or for a older youth with experience wanting to break there first. trots up to you in pasture when you call him. lunges, trailers, can get excited over his "friends" but a generally well mannered horse that just wants attention and learn.


Red pepper REDUCED TO $450 till aug. 31st  SOLD

10-12 yr grade QH mare, 15.2hh, deep red color, well built, easy keeper,  athletic. green green broke. needs experienced rider. no bite, kick or rear.  willl make a awesome rodeo horse!


she is this color, first pic makes her faded

jasper    SOLD!

8-1-12  sold ...... registered half arabian (half paint-back to impressive) palomino colt.born april 2009 (3 yrs). still needs some growing  but will be worked with oversummer to be started under saddle, has ground work done and started lightly, wants to please and just takes it all in, just needs someone to teach him what he doesnt know, he flexes and bends nicely, beautiful trot! make a great youth show pony! . golden palomino. as of march 1st he is gelded! asking $550. leads, ties, lunges with saddle, trailers, sweet boy! REDUCED AGAIN FOR QUICK SALE INORDER TO BUY HAY< FIRST $200 gets him at a steal! he was a rescue and still needs some tlc!



Solitary Rose Gal   SOLD!

big red  is a Barrel horse in training!  appendix AQHA 2004 mare, 16hh, built like a tank! lots of speed and power.  two eyed jack breeding. rode a few times in roundpen and arena, can get nervous but getting better, lunges, ties, trailers  would also be suitable as broodmare, halter, WP, hus or roping




sugarnspanishspice *sold*

beautiful arabian mare! bay, well bred with chapions like khemosabi ON HER PAPERS!!! sweet girl, follows you around. 6yrs old. 14hh, make a awesome 4-H/Youth horse! could be a beautiful show horse as well! in training currently/till sold. being rode by 14yr old 4-H girl, took in on trade for training

broke for trail ridding, started on barrels/poles for playdays, just needs teaching, must go!




twister ++sold 4/10/12++

8 yr old half Arabian mare, sire is alla shaheem. dam is appy. trail horse.

endurance or barrel prospect! sorrel and lightly roans in summer. she is sensitive in a goodway and needs a firm but gentle hand.not a hothead. beautiful springy trot!no buck,bolt or rear,never kicked or bit. will walk,trot and lope,stop,back and will turn with leg pressure and a light rein although needs hours and needs practice on turning a barrel.  15hh.asking $700 ** I have lots of inquiries about"would she be a good begginers first horse", no, she would not unless there is someone who is working with you on learning to ride, would make a fine stepup or intermediate riders horse but is not for a timid and nervous begginer. *buy her easter weekenbd for $500!

sires pedigree:   http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/alla+shaheem


darwin**sold!! Feb.2012**

big dark bay/black mustang gelding. built like a tank!!! roping prospect?cart prospect? about 12yrs old. has mustang brand on neck. nice short back.hes a big boy but is willing and wants to trust. saddles and bridles well. working on getting started under saddle.ready to start under saddle. great ground manners! good for farrier, loads,trailers,ties. about 14hh

he is not broke or registered


update- july 1st, checked up on this pretty boy and hes doing great, have him in training and are starting to ride him!


Poco Remedys king **SOLD 10/2011 to Jordan Judd, enjoy him in 4-H!**

Tyler is a 4yr old gelding. registered as dun, looks dark bay.experienced on the trail, started well for Barrels,4-H and hunter. Tyler is a allaround deluxe! just about anyone can ride this boy! wants to please,great on trails,loves to run but only goes when you ask and stops right away!  pedigree for him  on allbreedpedigree.com. will be exhibited at Horsefest 2011. 15hh and growing. real sweet boy,stands very well for saddling and mounting. begginers have rode him. he will do the barrel and pole pattern at any speed.being shown and barrel raced by a 10 yr old 4-H girl. he is a TB type of QH. current neg.coggins,dewormed,feet trimmed(hasnt required shoes yet!) vaccinated with prestige V + VEE. no bad habits! lots of doc bar,sugar bar and jessie james lines, great grand son of jessies remedy,docs perscription, and lots more!   *  barrels-trail-hunter *

asking $3000 

up-date, tylers doing great! shes taking him to 4-H state fair and competes at local shows and playdays and is getting lots of blue ribbons!

Libby lu Driftwood  *sale pending 3/30/12* **SOLD!***

Libby was born 2002. AQHA .real pretty dun/buckskin mare. stocky. broke, have given lessons on her, 4-Hers rode her at small shows/playdays.also trail rides. smart girl. built like a tank! allaround propect.  pedigree on all breed pedigree.com. 14hh,i'm 5'5" and feel comfortable ridding her. just needs hours to finish her in the direction you wantto take her in. has dorsal stripe and striping on legs and shoulder.UTD on coggins and vacc.out of poco otoe driftwood and pocos rock n dock, lots of driftwood and poco lines!  asking $2500



buckshot  ***SOLD TO TORI JANACEK, ENJOY HIM IN 4-H! ****

15yr foxtrotter gelding. sorrel. 14.2hh. 2 hind socks. well mannered, likes to go but will stop when you want(on a dime!). moves off legpressure very well. smooth ride! can turn on a dime and back for miles! loads and trailers great! looking for a allaround or 4-H horse? heres your guy! he was a racking horse in his day but has just been trail rode these past few years. asking $1500, until he does well at shows price may go up! he could do trail,pleasure,english,reining,barrels.no papers.very light on bit.rode by 4-Hers. competed in barrels,poles,texas barrels(doesnt refuse the jump). competed on barrels and poles.


poco molly moon ***sold****

2000 modle, solid APHA dun mare,. shes laid back and should be easy to break. started under saddle. make a great local 4-H project or local show/playday horse. about 15hh.she is granddaugter of windeck and poco gold brick.4th generation of Leo   http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/poco+molly+moon

pebbles   ***sold**

15hh frame overo (sorrel) mare.started. 8-10yrs old. med. build. stands for saddle and bridle. loads and trailers in our stock. asking REDUCED! $500 obo . she is not registred.rode in round pen,hasnt tried to buck or rear but can be stubborn.was a rescue.



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