T-Bone Ranch

Land & Lawn
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starting, problem solving,refresher and finishing

specializing in barrels and trail horses and 4-H horses

(also have experience with pole bending, HUS, problem solving, ground work(we do not halter break horses))

30 days colt starting $500 per horse

30 days $450

 60 days  $800

includes pasture board. 

Barrel horse training $300 plus show fees and grain

Stall board extra

multiple horse discount

most started colts that have ground training done, will in 30 days ;

stand to be saddled and mounted, walk,trot, turn on a light rein, stop when asked and go when asked.

more advanced horses or more days the horse will also be exposed to the arena,barrels,trail rides.lope off and chnge leads

  on what the horse is to be trained for and the horse's personality and previous training. will depend on what he will learn, how long it will take to learn. Horses are trail rode often, worked on barrels, trotting over logs and round penned. If a horse is to be finished in barrels he will of course focus more on working the barrel pattern. training specifications will all depend on the horse and their training program is customized to fit them.

prices include a $25 non-refundable booking fee due for each booking. This must be received  before scheduled to train.

all Training includes a lesson to show you what new tricks your equine friend has learned. Also includes a video of progress in middle of training (as time and ability allows we will do more)



Lessons are by hour, 

$20 per hour( + my drive time if i come to you)

min. $40 if i come to you.

whether I am training your horse, giving you lessons on my horse or helping you train your own horse. I look forward to helping you become a better rider and horse owner!

Lessons at the farm are generally one-on-one but may include up to 4 riders. only specific times are available for lessons and to come to farm. riders must wear helmets and are encouraged to bring own tack. If you need help finding the right tack you need Im more than happy to help!

lessons with board packages

monthly  full board (stall with turnout, we clean everyother day, hay and stables grain provided) with 4 - 1 1/2 lessons (more can be purchased) $500

full board with twice a week 1 hour lessons 560 and coaching/help at 1 show per month

basic board (stalled in bad weather, hayed and grained if needed, you give care) with 4 lessons a month $325

pasture pet Intro SPECIAL!!!! MUST BOOK BY END OF MAY!price good for up to 3 months in 2016.... pasture board (run in in bad weather, grazing/hay, owner must provide grain) comes with 6 hours of lessons $220

new pony special: you couldnt resist those long ears and fuzzy nose, now you need to learn the rest! 

we will teach you from the ground up how to care for and learn to ride your new best friend! we will offer full care up to 3 days a week when you arent able to feed etc. other days we will help you find the best options such as feed, hoof care, tack choices, grooming, and to your goals for your family.includes 2 1hour lessons a week $600

let us help you find the horse or pony that best fits your needs and budget!



About the Trainer

I have been training horses since I was 12.I grew up on a farm in wisconsin. I have been a life long 4-H member(12 years as member, 3 as leader), including the 4-H horse council.Now a horse focused 4-H club leader. I love being in rodeos, I have been a candidate for rodeo queen several times, and on a drill team. I love to trail ride, barrel race, and see how much speed and athleticism I can get out of a horse.Most of all i love horses and want to take them to their full potential and want the horse to enjoy what he does.

My training methods include a mixture of Clinton Anderson,  and some of my own cowgirl technique. I work to become the horses leader, so they look to me and are willing to do what I ask. I don't believe in beating them into submission or letting them walk all over me either. I teach the horse to move off pressure and give to pressure. First on the ground, then until I feel the horse is willing to stand to be saddled, move off of pressure and, listen to cues like whoa on the ground, I don't get on their back till then. when you have the respect and control on the ground it makes the first ride a smoothtransition.

Kaci Chapman has shown at many local and 4-H shows,concentrating on improving  and teaching a horse instead of a big prize.If the horse doesnt have good times at the local arena why would he if we went to a big show. Kaci has shown mostly barrels,poles and trail rode. however she has also shown in western pleasure,huntseat,hunter hack,reining,showmanship and trail.

A few awards she holds are; top horse exhibitor at co. fair, 2nd in saddle type showmanship(MO state fair, 36 entries), allaround speed at SW regional 4H show, this was her first huntseat show and recived high placings.  at tri county youth show took 3rd in foxtrotter barrels at her 3yrolds first show. Her barrel horse cali took many awards at this show,placing in all classes she has ever entered,at tricounty 1st in halter,2nd in showmanship,4th in western plasure and 2nd in all game classes. taking senior high point allaround award.backto school blast youth show 2009 she took 2nd in flags,3rd in allaround comp. 5th in hunthack.after 6months of training she took her reining/barrel horse roxy to state 4-H show, not placing in top five but did well in barrels and poles. this horse runs 17-18sec. after less than a year of training.both roxy and cali got her 2nd at lions club points series 2009,2010 and won 1st place reciving a buckle 2011. High point at Republic saddle club .Fall Fling  19 & over high point(as well as featured clinician). cali continues to place in every event entered. several of kaci's horses are placing well for 4-Hers; buckshot is winning barels and poles at local 4-H shows for tori, along with taking a high point award at the tricounty youth show in 2011, poco remedys king is winning or placing high at elkland point series for jordan and both will be attending state fair 4-H show. roxy continues to be a good horse for the kids to learn on, several competing in barrels and poles and showing her in classes like costume class (1st place mo 4h state fair, 35 entries) & parades.

References available. All horses need a neg. coggins test and I will refuse any ill or lame horse. I never want to put a horse or my self in danger. Out of state horses need health test or statement from vet. T-Bone Ranch and all affliates are not and can not be held responsible for any injury to horse or person.

Nov. 2009 - current